Rh coming with FF 2010!


Might be coming with new background! Oh Yeah!

Note: Do not get exited i will post his location 5/7 each day with rockhopper tracker coded by me tracker images credited to Paintboy100!If you meet rh then you have to post a pic and might win a 12 MONTH Membership Extravaganza with a Series 8 coin code and 5 card jistu codes and win 1 beta hat a chance to meet me and Billybob while getting recorded!Only if you meet rh!Stock Remaining:0

Stocks last only when he arrives this fall!

A lot of people have been scamming pics from last year and earlier this year!


10 Responses to “Rh coming with FF 2010!”

  1. Spiky3332 Says:

    I met him! pics on my blog

  2. Spiky3332 Says:


  3. Spiky3332 Says:


  4. Spiky3332 Says:


  5. Spiky3332 Says:


  6. Spiky3332 Says:


  7. Luke Says:

    Hey cp cheats popup, i sent you a header. Did you get it? I think it is right for this theme.

  8. valtterim Says:



    To: Shamair
    From: Valtterim

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