Wilderness Expedition!


Hello Penguins!
The Wilderness Expedition is finally here! Here is what you do:

1. Go to the dock

2. Click where the arrow tells you to:








Pick up the new black hat while you’re at it:







Next is the maze. Here is where you click:

  • Right
  • Up
  • Right
  • Down
  • Left
  • Down
  • Right

Now that you’ve completed the maze, you’ll get to a harder part. You’ll see a strange looking machine somewhere.

Plug in the cord to the machine

Click on the Coffee

Click on the Coffee Dispenser

Pour the Coffee in

Press the Green Button

Pull down on the Pink and Green Lever

Press the Yellow Button

Press the Red Button

Press the Blue Button

Press the Purple Button

Pull the Blue Lever

Play the Green Keys on the Piano

Press the Green Button

Press all the Green Squares

Pull the Pink and Blue Lever

Turn the Knob

Pull the Red Chain

Click On The Hot Sauce

Click On The Water

Click on the Vent

Click on the Fan

Click On The Toaster

Throw a couple of snowballs at the red target.

Next you will see a barrel. Walk into it.

Then, you’ll come across a shore. Buy the yellow lifejacket:

Put the yellow lifejacket on and solve the boat. Step in the boat after you solve it:

Then you’ll see a cave. WALK INTO IT CAUSE IT’S THE BROWN PUFFLE CAVE!! Click on the note:

Click on “Adopt A Brown Puffle”.  Then give your puffle a name:

Then you’ll get a puffle postcard:

I hope you all enjoyed the Wilderness Expedition!

Waddle On! ~Stickyellow5


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