Toy Code tutorial!!!

Club Penguin is a snow-covered virtual world where children aged 6 – 14 use their imaginations and creativity to play, explore, and make penguin friends.

When you see this icon Unlock Coin, it means that your toy comes with a coin. There’s a code on the back of this coin that you can use to access special online items in Club Penguin.

To unlock your items, you need:

  • The code you found with your toy The code you found with your toy.
  • A penguin account. If you do not have a penguin account, 
    click here
    to create a free account.

Once you have both of these, you need to:

  • Go to follow the Unlock Your Items icon.
  • Follow the simple steps to enter your code and unlock your items.
  • Select your server and play! Whatever you unlock will automatically
    be added to your account.

When you see this icon Unlock Coin, you know your toy has a code that will unlock items online. When you get a new Club Penguin toy, keep the code safe. The code can only be used once, so don’t lose it!

Click the Unlock Items button Unlock Items button at the top right hand side of your screen. If you don’t already have a penguin account, first create a free account.

Login with your Penguin Name and Password.

You’ll need your toy code (on the back of the coin) Unlock Items button, or your book Unlock Items button with you.

If you selected a toy, enter your toy code and click next. Be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears. (Go to #7)

If you have a book, find the code word by following the directions given in the question. Be sure to enter the word exactly as it appears in the book. (Go to #8)

The top bar of The Treasure Book shows how many items you get to unlock. Flip through the pages and then select the items you want.

IMPORTANT: make sure to unlock all the items that you get with your code before you click done.

After you have answered the secret question correctly, a special item and coins will be added to your inventory. If you have already received the special item, you’ll get more coins!

Each code must be entered individually. If you have more than one toy with a code, or if you have a book, click the Enter Another Code button.

Once you are finished, click Play Now! Select your server and then go play!

Whatever your code unlocked will automatically be added to your penguin account.

Whether you have a membership or a free account, the items you unlock will always be accessible!


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